Red to Green – Mike Barrell ($25)


Presenter – Mike Barrell               PTR Junior Development Conference               courtesy of evolve 9

In this Presentation, Mike Barrell will show you how to create competencies for Red, Orange, and Green players. Mike is the Director of evolve9, a specialist training company that focuses on coach education and program development for the under 10 age group.  He also works as an LTA Coach Education Tutor, where he conducts certification courses and the Advanced Mini Tennis Course.  He was a major contributor to the LTA Mini Tennis Program, and now continues to work as a consultant, delivering coach education and consultancy for tennis associations, clubs and major organizations.  He has been a teaching pro for 22 years, is an LTA Level 3 Licensed Coach, and a member of the PTR and BTCA.  Mike wrote the PTR supplement, Growing Kids, Growing the Game, a Developmental Guide for Teaching Under 10’s, PTR Kids Tennis Manual, and was a favorite speaker at several PTR International Tennis Symposia.